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Proven Data Recovery Solutions

Don’t lose your precious files. Our experts have the tools and experience to retrieve data from damaged devices and restore your peace of mind.

Rapid and Reliable Data Recovery

Lost data is stressful. We offer fast, secure recovery options for a variety of file types and storage devices, getting you back on track quickly.

Comprehensive Data Recovery

Accidents happen. Whether it’s deleted files, a corrupted hard drive, or a device failure, we specialize in recovering all types of lost data.

Why Us?

fastest repair service with best price!

Expert HDD Data Recovery

File recovery from crashed hard drives
Data retrieval due to mechanical failure (clicking, etc.)
Deleted file recovery
Corrupt partition recovery

Comprehensive SSD Data Recovery

Recovery from failed SSDs
Deleted or lost files on SSDs
Corrupted file systems
Data recovery from TRIM-enabled SSDs

Phone Data Rescue (Android & iOS)

Recovery of deleted photos, videos, and contacts
Text message recovery
Data extraction from water-damaged phones
Recovery from broken screen devices

PC & Mac Data Recovery Specialists

Deleted file and folder recovery
Lost data from formatted drives
Recovery from virus/malware damage
Operating system corruption recovery

Complex RAID Recovery Solutions

Data recovery from failed RAID configurations (RAID 0, 1, 5, etc.)
Rebuild damaged RAID arrays
Recover data from multiple disks

Fast, Reliable Emergency Recovery

Prioritized turnaround for urgent data loss
24/7 availability (if you offer this)
Expedited recovery options

No matter the Computer model, we can fix it..

Shoreline Data Recovery: Don't Lose Your Files

Our expert data recovery technicians retrieve lost, corrupted, or deleted files from all types of devices. Get a free quote today.

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Refael Ettedgui
Refael Ettedgui
I brought him my phone 2 months ago after a few other stores told me they couldn’t repair it. Not only did he repair it and bring my phone back to life for personal reasons, I wasn’t able to pick it up for 2 months, and he kept it safe until I picked it up. Thank you very much. I will recommend using this store for everyone!
Irina - Ioana Jinga
Irina - Ioana Jinga
Above and beyond! I don't have enough words to thank Bob for fixing my screen in under 3 hours, and he also applied some extra water seal on the back cracks to help protect it until I can get it fixed properly. Speedy, affordable and very friendly! Thank you so, so much!🙏😊
Jordan Avington
Jordan Avington
I just needed a sim tray and they were willing to work with me and let me trade them for an old sim tray I had
Kurt von Laven
Kurt von Laven
I had basically the same amazing experience as Emily. I foolishly stripped a screw inside my laptop while trying to replace the battery myself. I called Techs Repair, and the owner, Bob, was very friendly and helpful. He said to come on over and then skillfully and flawlessly removed the stripped screw on the spot in 10 minutes. That's no easy task, especially with such a tiny screw surrounded by delicate electronics, and it was obvious that he had done it many times before. I'll definitely be bringing my business here in the future.
What an awesome shop. I had a stripped screw in my laptop, called multiple shops in the area and no one was able to help. I called Techs Repair and walked in just 15 minutes later. Boja was very busy but helped me out on the spot and had the issue resolved within minutes (Thank you!!). Amazing! He's clearly very skilled - I'll be back whenever I need a repair. :)
Iama Cat
Iama Cat
What do you do when your phone has stopped working? What do you do when you irresponsibly haven’t backed up a phone that contains irreplaceable memories of lost loved ones? You take that phone to a miracle worker. And one with a clause that says “if we don’t fix, you don’t pay.” That means they are invested in the recovery of your data. I’m so grateful. And really for this situation, I need an additional word…. Indebted. Thank you.
Jake Miller
Jake Miller
I'm giving this two stars because the people that work here are nice and I don't want to discredit kindness in a customer based business. Unfortunately, I brought my laptop in for a simple diagnosis. It ended up having a trackpad (not clicking) issue. No one called after the first two days so I ended up calling to see when it would be ready. I needed this computer for work so ended up calling several times and drove there twice, but alas it still wasn't ready after 8 days. The battery also somehow mysteriously stopped working while they had it. I was told the trackpad could not be fixed, was recommended to purchase another laptop and charged full price for a battery that was previously working. In spite of the friendly staff Im so dissappointed with the experience. A complimentary diagnosis resulted in what they said was an unfixable issue and $77 for a battery that wasn't previously bad in a laptop than I was told to replace. I just wanted my laptops original issue to be fixed. :(
I love this place came more than once got great service prices are amazing 10/10 definitely come here if you need your electronics fixed definitely will come again
Fast, reliable service ,my desktop crushed ,brought it to Techs repair and was fixed as new , also affordable price.Thank you .
Polly Trout
Polly Trout
Excellent customer service! The owner gave me a free estimate on a small hardware repair on my laptop, and fixed it promptly at a very reasonable price. A wonderful, locally owned small business.

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